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Large Scale Art

Large Scale Art

Large Scale Art


Large Scale Art:


To make a statement. This selection of work provides the artist with the space to create on a larger scale. Inherently powerful, these pieces lend themselves to the focal point of a room or conversation. Gabrielle Teschner combines architecture and collage to create large scale pieces from textile. 


"People naturally suspect there is more of the thing to be seen and when it hangs on the wall, access is limited; but I like that. I don't think we need to see each other from every possible side to know for certain that there'd be something there if we looked. When someone owns one of these pieces, they become the keepers of that side of the work. Not every angle is public."


Expert tips

"Size matters."



Michael Wall also uses scale to his advantage. "Contrast is important to my work, be it between forms, colors, complexity or simplicity, micro or macro, anything that creates a conflict or asks a question. 



How the work exists within a space and the conversation between the art work and the viewer is imperative to me, the most simple gestures can represent intricate narratives,” says the artist.




Experimenting with proportions in your space, through the use of large scale art, can be incredibly transformative. These pieces tend to anchor a room, whether hung alone or in amongst a gallery wall.


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