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Luke Chiswell

Luke Chiswell

About Luke Chiswell

Luke Chiswell is an Australian visual artist, now based in Los Angeles, CA. Working with diverse mediums and techniques, primarily abstract painting and sculpture, Chiswell is fascinated by the constraints of materializing place and time. The artist continuously experiments with new processes to capture movement, memorialize moments and represent time. Gathering found materials from a chosen environment, Chiswell creates a language for each work. Heaving influenced by his rural upbringing in the small town of Collector in Australia, as well as his involvement in skateboarding culture, the artist’s work is best described as primal and honest, while maintaining an unnerving complexity. Chiswell’s work has been is exhibited across Australia, China and the United States. Recent residencies and public works include Beijing, ‘The Opposite House’ and Nicaragua ‘Maderas Village’ and a 7ft bronze sculpture ‘Hold Your Head Up’ in Belmore Park NSW, Australia.

Chiswell also completed the Tappan Residency program. Read more about his residency here.


“The movement and texture within the works reflects the level of intensity in my creative process - intuitive markings, scratches and scrawls both deliberate and accidental, are all visible. Excessive folds of canvas elude to more than fits the frame, more of the space of interest than can fit within the work. Trying to fit more in.

The objet trouve materials which form my sculptural work highlight the importance of artistic choice. The combination of materials gathered from a chosen environment are considered based on the perceived time value of each object, collectively creating an abstract representation of time. The lifespan of each individual material in the work then articulates its function as a measurement of time. Considering a rock is older than a branch, I use the rock to represent the longest length of time within a work. Freezing fabric in motion, or casting rock and branch in metal, I addresses past and future through direction of movement, capturing a short moment in time, attempting to hold on to it and make it last.” - Luke Chiswell



2016, NEW WORK - Local Press - ACT - Feb
2015, MOKAI CLUB - Art Basel Miami Dec
2015, TO YOUNG TO WIN TO OLD TO LOSE - Tiny Tailor Syd Nov
2015, TOUCH LINE - Solo Show - Chasm Gallery New York - Jul
2015, WAITING AWAY - Solo Show - Soju Girl - May,June
2015, NEW DAY - AW Womens Collection - Fashfest Mar
2015, AS IT GOES - Solo Show - Nishi Gallery - Feb
2014, HAVE A LOVELY DAY - Friend Gallery ACT - Dec
2014, LP - LC - Local Press, Canberra - Oct
2014, NEW WORK NEW YORK - Union Ave, Brooklyn - Jun
2014, STRAIGHT FACE - Nishi Gallery Newacton - Mar / Apr
2013, CRAFT ACT “POD” - Lonsdale Street Traders - Jan / Feb
2013, FACE FACING - Canberra Contemporary Art Space Feb / Mar
2012, UNTITLED - Honkytonks Bar - May
2012, BONDI SHOW - Bondi Pavilion Gallery - Mar
2010, TODAYS - Somedays Gallery Sep / Oct
2010, UNTITLED - Itrip Iskip Store - Jul
2010, UNTITLED - Canberra Contemporary Art Space - May
2010, UNTITLED - East Sydney Doctors Feb / Mar
2009, UNTITLED - Hibernian House Sydney Gallery - May
2009, UNTITLED - Itrip Iskip Store - Jun
2008, UNTITLED - Six One Three Store - Apr



2016, WIELDING NOW - Tappan LA - April
2016, BUZZ ART AUCTION - The Ritz Hotel - Miami - April
2016, PATTERNS OF NOW - Nishi Gallery - ACT - Feb
2016, ART NOT APART - Newacton - ACT- Feb
2016, BONE DAYS - LC store - Canberra- Feb
2015, TAPPAN x THE OUTNET - The W hotel Art Basel - Dec
2015, ALL TOGETHER - Luke CHiswell Store - June
2014, HUE - NISHI Gallery - Nov - Dec
2014, STYLECRAFT - Stylecraft Showroom ACT - Nov - Dec
2014, FRIENDSHIP - Friend Gallery - Nov
2014, HEY FRIEND - Friend Gallery - Nov
2014, CAPO AUCTION - Canberra Museum & Gallery - Oct
2013, CAPO 30 AUCTION - Canberra Museum & Gallery - Nov
2013, MASKED INTENTIONS - He Made She Made Gallery - May / Jun
2013, MODERN MARKET, - Craft ACT, Newacton - May
2013, YOUNG HOT CANBERRA - Gallery of Australian Design - Jan / Feb
2010, ITRIP ISKIP - Itrip Iskip ACT - Nov
2010, MO SPLENDOUR - ANU School of Art Foyer Gallery - Sep



2015, BMW
2015, Hotel Hotel



2015, Canberra Times
2014, CAPITAL (Cover)
2014, ABC 7.30 Report
2014, Real Living
2014, In the City Magazine (Cover)
2013, Canberra Times
2012, Canberra Times 
2011, Pie magazine
2010, Frankie magazine

Not Today Not Today
Not Today
Regular price $ 875.00 Sold
Untitled Untitled
Regular price $ 800.00
Today Today
Regular price $ 900.00
This Way Home This Way Home
This Way Home
Regular price $ 2,200.00
Good Good Good Good
Good Good
Regular price $ 1,200.00 Sold
Good Enough Good Enough
Good Enough
Regular price $ 1,200.00
I Wish I Wish
I Wish
Regular price $ 2,200.00
Do Well Do Well
Do Well
Regular price $ 1,500.00
Thought It Was But It Wasn't Thought It Was But It Wasn't
Thought It Was But It Wasn't
Regular price $ 850.00 Sold
Untitled Untitled
Regular price $ 1,500.00 Sold
The End The End
The End
Regular price $ 1,200.00 Sold
Not So Fast Not So Fast
Not So Fast
Regular price $ 950.00 Sold
Blank 1 Blank 1
Blank 1
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Front Side Front Side
Front Side
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Maybe Maybe
Regular price $ 875.00 Sold
Day Day
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
I Imagined I Imagined
I Imagined
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
I will I will
I will
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Last Try Last Try
Last Try
Regular price $ 800.00
Not Enough Not Enough
Not Enough
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Still Here Still Here
Still Here
Regular price $ 875.00 Sold
Pebble Pebble
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Pansi Pansi
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Time This Time This
Time This
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Dust to Dust Dust to Dust
Dust to Dust
Regular price $ 960.00 Sold
Everytime Everytime
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Bound to Break Bound to Break
Bound to Break
Regular price $ 875.00 Sold
Go Away Go Away
Go Away
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
This Time This Time
This Time
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Forever and Never Forever and Never
Forever and Never
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Fell Down Looked Up Fell Down Looked Up
Fell Down Looked Up
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Last Last
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Last Try Last Try
Last Try
Regular price $ 720.00 Sold
New To Me New To Me
New To Me
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Try Try Again Try Try Again
Try Try Again
Regular price $ 900.00 Sold
Pretty Pretty Pretty Pretty
Pretty Pretty
Regular price $ 2,500.00 Sold
Welcome To Los Angeles Welcome To Los Angeles
Welcome To Los Angeles
Regular price $ 900.00 Sold
Ok Ok
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
One Day One Day
One Day
Regular price $ 1,900.00
Luck Be Good Luck Be Good
Luck Be Good
Regular price $ 850.00 Sold
Little Better Little Better
Little Better
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Old Work Old Work
Old Work
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold
Last Try Last Try
Last Try
Regular price $ 1,200.00 Sold
If Only If Only
If Only
Regular price $ 800.00 Sold