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Anna Valdez

Araña Madre

$ 5,000.00

DESCRIPTION  52"x48" Original Work  Oil on canvas ARTIST STATEMENT As a visual artist with an academic background in anthropology, and video, Anna views artists as cultural producers. In her work, she...

Johanna Tagada

Rose et Jaune 04

$ 1,500.00

DESCRIPTION 41x55" each, 55x82" together. Oil, oil pastels, acrylics, watercolours and pencils on French Lana paper, 150g, 2015 "This series Rose et Jaune is a commonly rooted series of paintings and...

Heather Day

Bounded #1

$ 3,600.00

MEDIUM & MATERIALS 48" × 36” Acrylic, soft-pastel on stretched canvas AUTHENTICATION The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan SHIPPING  Work ships in 5 -...

Ilka Kramer

MalaNazar 16

$ 225.00

DESCRIPTION This photographic series MalaNazar by Ilka Kramer beautifully abstracts our perception of space and landscape. "In a time where we lose direct contact with nature, we accede to it only by our view....

Michael Wall

Mono 1

$ 2,250.00

DESCRIPTION 35.5x47", powdered pigments and paint on wood panel, 2016  By encompassing simple forms and block colors, Wall aims to engage a reaction from the viewer, allowing them to decide...

Lani Trock

Eyes of Love

$ 100.00

DESCRIPTION This edition of seven photographs, entitled "unconscious collective connection" was made during 2014-2016. These images were selected intuitively, with an initial focus on color, and then on the physical...


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