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Featured Artwork

Caroline Denervaud


$ 720.00

DESCRIPTION    16.5x22", ink, graphite on 300mg paper, 2016 Similar to her explorative movement drawings, Caroline Denervaud's collage work serves as research into simple shapes and balance. Her unique methodology works...

Johanna Tagada

Rose et Jaune 02

$ 800.00

DESCRIPTION 41x55", oil, oil pastels, acrylics, watercolours and pencils on French Lana paper, 150g, 2015 "This series Rose et Jaune is a commonly rooted series of paintings and analog photographs. "It began...

Andrü Sisson


$ 2,000.00

DESCRIPTION 21.5x27", oil stick on paper, framed. This series of work by Andrü Sisson is influenced by aspects of African culture. Examining masks, different religious practices and fetish statues, Sisson's interpretation...

Struan Teague

(It isn't the barman.)

$ 3,400.00

DESCRIPTION spray paint, acrylic and dirt on sewn canvas, wood, 26x31", 2015  Teague's use of instantaneous processes and materials - screen print, spray paint, even dirt and spillage - force...

Alison Cooley

Chirograph 2

$ 1,560.00

DESCRIPTION  29.5x41", mixed media work on paper  Read Alison's recent studio visit.  "I’ve always been attracted to drawing and marking in painting," explains Cooley.  "In my latest work, I’m creating...

Johanna Tagada

Le Silence de l'Amour : La Protection,

$ 600.00

DESCRIPTION 3x2.4x1", modular clay sculpture: clay, acrylic and pigment, 2016 Created a reflection on Shibui and part of Association Shop's (USA) publication and reflection on the topic. This series was created...


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