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Mathew Tucker

Mathew Tucker

Painting & Drawing

Lives and works in Wilton, CT

Connecticut based painter Mathew Tucker’s painting and drawing practise focuses on large, surreal landscapes, The practise in Mat’s words: "In recent years my work has focused on re-imaging landscapes as though looking through a window, an opening or a portal….this also plays on a broader metaphor of our internal experience of looking out upon an external, separate, physical world.” Recent awards and features include: The CUE-Aon Artist Empowerment Award 2021 and features in Maake Magazine and ArtMaze.

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Desk LampDesk Lamp
Wider than a MileWider than a Mile
Desk LampDesk Lamp
Graph MountainGraph Mountain
Lamp with WallpaperLamp with Wallpaper
Mars LandingMars Landing
Moon over ValleyMoon over Valley
Departing MarsDeparting Mars
Luna CalendarLuna Calendar
Landscape in a JarLandscape in a Jar
Two MoonsTwo Moons
Lamp and LanternsLamp and Lanterns
Snaking PathwaySnaking Pathway
From $ 250
Crescent MoonCrescent Moon
Key HoleKey Hole
Quinacridone SkyQuinacridone Sky
Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse
Planetary AlignmentPlanetary Alignment
Three MoonsThree Moons
“I like the idea of entangling nature with a sense of escapism, meditation, surrealism and the sublime.”
-Mathew Tucker

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