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Brian Merriam

About Brian Merriam

Brian Merriam was born under a full moon on Halloween night. He first picked up a camera to document a cross country drive with friends, and has not put it down since. Lately, his kit has consisted of a Leica M7, a Contax G2 and a Fuiji Klasse. His work, brimming with mystery, seeks to document the forgotten corners, empty roads, and nowhere places of America and beyond. Initially, Brian took a plethora of photographs and crafted stories around them. As his work has evolved, he starts with an initial concept to dictate his approach and searches to show the world – full of mystery – to his audience. He finds inspiration from going West of the Rockies and taking the time to get lost.


BFA, Video Art 2004 – Syracuse University Syracuse, NY



2015, AWASH, Soho House, Los Angeles, CA
2013, Here and Gone, The Impossible Project Gallery, New York, NY
2013, Being Alone Is All The Hills Can Do, The Gallery Next to The Burgundy Room, Los Angeles, CA w/ Sometime, Somewhere by Jordan Sullivan



2014, You Can Count on Me, 205A Gallery, New York, NY
2014, Anti Matter, 7 Dunham Gallery, New York, NY
2012, The Wild and The Innocent, Clic Gallery, New York, NY
2012, SMALL International Group Show, 19 Karen, Gold Coast, Australia



2015, Merriam, Brian “I’m Nowhere” ALOVETOKEN Press
2015, Merriam, Brian “Been Gone” Self Published/Handmade Edition of 
2014, Merriam, Brian “In The Mist” ALOVETOKEN Press
2014, Merriam, Brian “The Last Best Place” ALOVETOKEN Press
2014, Merriam, Brian “The Picture From Space Shows Your Teeth” BOTY Publishing 
2013, Merriam, Brian “The Streets Are Cheating” BOTY Publishing