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Tadahiro Gunji

Tadahiro Gunji

Sculpture, Drawing & Mixed Media

b. 1978, Fukui, Japan

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Multi-media artist Tadahiro Gunji's abstract works in his Collectivity series focus around his use of organic lines formed by the gaps between the separate pieces, and acknowledge the existence of invisible boundaries. These gaps also represent the relationship between space and matter; each part of the work trying to remind us of the complexity and composition of all particles. Select public collections include: The Museum of Modern Art (Toyama), Rad Hourani Art Foundation, and Italy Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa.

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Sold outCollage4C_59Collage4C_59
Collectivity 078Collectivity 078
Sold outCollage4C_60Collage4C_60
Collectivity 082Collectivity 082
Sold outCollage4c_027Collage4c_027
Collectivity 083Collectivity 083
Sold outCollage4c_050Collage4c_050
Collectivity 080Collectivity 080
Sold outCollage4C_66Collage4C_66
Collectivity 090Collectivity 090
Collectivity 089Collectivity 089
$ 12,000
Collectivity 087Collectivity 087
Collectivity 084Collectivity 084
Sold outCollage4C_57Collage4C_57
Collectivity 048, Sculpture  by  Collectivity 048 TappanCollectivity 048, Sculpture  by  Collectivity 048 Tappan
From $ 350
Collectivity 076, Sculpture  by  Collectivity 076 TappanCollectivity 076, Sculpture  by  Collectivity 076 Tappan
From $ 350
Collectivity 059, Sculpture  by  Collectivity 059 TappanCollectivity 059, Sculpture  by  Collectivity 059 Tappan
From $ 350
Sold outCollage4C_63Collage4C_63
From $ 350
Sold outCollage4c_031Collage4c_031
From $ 350
“My works are born from Japanese concept 'Ma', means 'gap', 'space', 'pause' between things, especially the space between opposing things.”
-Tadahiro Gunji

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