Gabrielle Teschner

Sculpture / Textile / Painting

b. Newport News, VA | Lives and works in Richmond, VA



Teschner’s “Sculptures-That-Are-Flat” are composed of stitched, individually painted planes, using the symbolic language of architectural forms and of natural forces to demonstrate the expressive power of spatial relationships. Her work can be seen in various Soho Houses, The Goodtime Hotel (Miami), Elle, Coveteur, AnOther Magazine and The Good Trade.




“All of this for me, all of the references to architecture and math and humidity, are a way to talk about being in the world. An affirmation of existence or the inability to do so.”

Gabrielle Teschner large pink artwork
Salt Songs styled by frenchCALIFORNIA for MIRA. More about this project. Photo credit: Douglas Friedman for MIRA
Gabrielle Teschner large artwork
Teschner's works styled by Chango & Co. Photo credit: Chango & Co Explore Chango & Co's environments.
Vanha Lam Minimalist Art Paintings
Teschner & a large, site-specific sewn sculpture
Gabrielle Teschner large site specific projects
Teschner's limited edition print featured at Pharrell's The Goodtime Hotel in Miami. More about this project.

Pillar By The Light of Day

Limited Edition Print
from $ 1,500.00


from $ 1,500.00