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Gabrielle Teschner

Gabrielle Teschner

Textile Sculptures & Prints

b. Newport News, VA

Lives and works in Richmond, VA

Teschner’s “Sculptures-That-Are-Flat” are composed of stitched, individually painted planes, using the symbolic language of architectural forms and of natural forces to demonstrate the expressive power of spatial relationships. Her work can be seen in various Soho Houses, The Goodtime Hotel (Miami), Facebook HQ (Meta), the De Young Museum, Booooooom, Sight Unseen, Elle, Coveteur, AnOther Magazine and The Good Trade.

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Portico CapriccioPortico Capriccio
Forest ChaptersForest Chapters
Crane, Sculpture  by  Crane TappanCrane, Sculpture  by  Crane Tappan
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 01)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 01)
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 02)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 02)
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 03)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 03)
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 04)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 04)
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 05)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 05)
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 06)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 06)
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 07)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 07)
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 08)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 08)
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 09)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 09)
Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 10)Monuments to the Missing Days (Day 10)
To Enter Kindly HavensTo Enter Kindly Havens
Blue RuleBlue Rule
La ViaLa Via
“All of this for me, all of the references to architecture and math and humidity, are a way to talk about being in the world. An affirmation of existence or the inability to do so.”
-Gabrielle Teschner


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