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Ali Beletic

Ali Beletic

Painting, Textiles, Neon Sculptures & Site-specific Installations

b. Dallas, TX

Lives and works in Oceanside, CA

Recently featured in Vogue and Architectural Digest (in the home of Eva Chen), Beletic’s practice includes large, abstract paintings, neon sculptures, sewn textile flags, and site specific collaborative experiences that incorporate her music practice. Her work explores the perception of human joy and celebration, through the lens of rock n roll, ancient traditions, latent instincts and sensual experiences.

Studio Visit CV Follow
Light Reflections XLight Reflections X
Return to ParisReturn to Paris
Light Reflections IXLight Reflections IX
Cross the TropicsCross the Tropics
Flickering JoltFlickering Jolt
Rookie PhenomRookie Phenom
Exuding DuoExuding Duo
New GenerationNew Generation
Structural ConceptualismStructural Conceptualism
New Wave UndoneNew Wave Undone
Shift CultivationShift Cultivation
Angular ReflectionsAngular Reflections
Catch WavesCatch Waves
Rogue DecadeRogue Decade
Dawn PatrolDawn Patrol
Freeriders WhiteFreeriders White
Freeriders BlackFreeriders Black
Arty, Textile  by  Arty TappanArty, Textile  by  Arty Tappan
From $ 1,750
Freeriders WhiteFreeriders White
Life of the Party , Textile  by  Life of the Party  TappanLife of the Party , Textile  by  Life of the Party  Tappan
Shred BlackShred Black
Party Wave, Textile  by  Party Wave TappanParty Wave
NOW!, Sculpture  by  NOW! TappanNOW!, Sculpture  by  NOW! Tappan
“I feel like all of my work not only has this grounding in earth and humanity, but also in a sense of party, celebration, and vibrancy.”
-Ali Beletic


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