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Ali Beletic -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Ali Beletic

Ali Beletic


About Ali Beletic

Ali Beletic is a conceptual artist and musician who lives and works between Los Angeles and Oceanside, CA. Working across diverse media, Beletic’s practice hones in on the philosophical perception of human joy and celebration, through the lens of rock n roll, ancient traditions, latent instincts and sensual experiences. She is best known for her powerful, symbolic land art and works exploring ancient time scale. Establishing a dialogue between the conceptual and the sensual, Beletic’s work includes creating and hosting large scale experiential installations like her Vanguard Parties, Earth Art Ceremonies and Environments as well as traditional gallery shows. In addition, Beletic has also created installations and experiential works in the remote desert involving illuminated boulders, motorcycle rides creating lines of fire, musicians and the hidden installation of mahogany and glass Judd-like sculptural pools.


“My work deals with the rich history that humanity has in its past. I am constantly trying to create a space or experience where the modern art-goer can be reminded of their own ancestral history – most importantly on a visceral level.” - Ali Beletic



2015, Off-Road Expo, High Desert Test Sites, CA

2015, Lunar Desert, Private Land, Mojave Desert, CA

2015, Tappan Collective / Soho House, Los Angeles, CA

2015, Rock Paper Scissors, Joshua Tree Art Gallery, CA

2014, Under the Same Sun, Human NYC Gallery, New York

2014, Reflections on Artifacts, High Desert Test Sites, CA

2014, Under The Same Sun, Dry Lake Bed, CA

2014, Stone Works, Joshua Tree Highlands Art Residency, CA

2014, Hike in, Lightning 001, CA

2014, Lightning 002, Joshua Tree Highlands Art Residency, CA

2014, Hike In, High Desert Test Sites, CA

2012, Pray for Rain, Private Land, AZ

2012, Canoe Fire, Kennedy Lake, AZ

2012, Ice Fire Installation, Private Land, AZ

2012, Desert Table #1, Private Land, AZ

2012, WildFire # 1, Private Land, AZ 

2008, Hammer Cacophony, Pajama Factory, PA

2008, Afloat in the Forest, Pajama Factory, PA 

2005, Drawn and Quartered, Like the Spice Gallery, NY

2005, Mollusk, 23 Windows

2005, Breathe, the World is Sinuous, Galapagos, NY