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Marleigh Culver

Marleigh Culver

Paintings, Prints & Murals

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

Artist Marleigh Culver’s gestural floral painting and prints have been featured in Architectural Digest, Domino, Vogue, Sight Unseen, T Magazine, and more. Her site specific external and interior murals can be seen at Google, and across the East Coast.

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Untitled IIUntitled II
Untitled VIUntitled VI
Untitled VUntitled V
Untitled XIUntitled XI
Untitled XUntitled X
Untitled IUntitled I
Untitled IIIUntitled III
Untitled IVUntitled IV
Untitled VIIUntitled VII
From $ 250
Tepal IIITepal III
Altar of the FutureAltar of the Future
Mujer IMujer I
Fault LineFault Line
The First StepsThe First Steps
Past LifePast Life
Le SoirLe Soir
“...remain true to myself. To make work that is undeniably me and uniquely my own. I hope to make things that move people, but if I make work just for others without putting myself in it, it won’t carry.”
-Marleigh Culver

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