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Fault Line

$ 7,000

Acrylic on Raw Canvas

Through color and allusions to the native California poppy and invasive black mustard species, this diptych serves as a conceptual approach. The work present commentary on the abrasive qualities of a metropolitan area and its effect of displacement and division by greed and the isolation by the American dream facade. The weight of environmental, classist and technological struggles is simplified by the relationship of native vs invasive plant species. Through the past three years, humanity has changed immensely. Many found going back to the roots of what truly matters has become a stronger theme now more than ever. The dance of nature’s path of native vs invasive is part of a larger picture.

Size: 48 x 72 inches
“...remain true to myself. To make work that is undeniably me and uniquely my own. I hope to make things that move people, but if I make work just for others without putting myself in it, it won’t carry.”
-Marleigh Culver
Marleigh Culver

About the Artist

Marleigh Culver

Artist Marleigh Culver’s gestural floral painting and prints have been featured in Architectural Digest, Domino, Vogue, Sight Unseen, T Magazine, and more. Her site specific external and interior murals can be seen at Google, and across the East Coast.

In the Studio
Fault Line
Fault Line$ 7,000
Marleigh Culver


“Marleigh Culver is a favorite artist of mine that Tappan features. I loved the name of this piece for my daughter’s eventual bedroom. It’s the question I ask myself pretty much every day when I look at her.”

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