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Luis Ignacio Figallo

Luis Ignacio Figallo


Lives and works in Miami, FL

BAS Atelier is a creative practice co-founded in 2021 by architect duo Luis Ignacio Figallo and Patrisa Pruthi, inspired by the ancient decorative technique of low or “bas” relief.
Born out of a lifelong interest in form, texture, and light, the works are focused around craftsmanship. Each bas-relief is individually designed, carved, and painted by hand. The resulting works are elemental searches into composition, form, and depth, producing abstract landscapes that radiate and flow with the reflection of light.

erosion no. 1 - charcoalerosion no. 1 - charcoal
erosion no. 1 - sageerosion no. 1 - sage
triptych no. 4 - linentriptych no. 4 - linen
erosion no. 11 - linenerosion no. 11 - linen
erosion no. 11 - sageerosion no. 11 - sage
triptych no. 4 - charcoaltriptych no. 4 - charcoal
erosion no. 8 - linenerosion no. 8 - linen
erosion no. 8 - sanderosion no. 8 - sand
erosion no. 6 - linenerosion no. 6 - linen
erosion no. 6 - plastererosion no. 6 - plaster
bas relief no. 2bas relief no. 2
bas relief no. 4bas relief no. 4
bas relief no. 5bas relief no. 5
bas relief no. 9bas relief no. 9
bas relief no. 7bas relief no. 7
bas relief no. 3bas relief no. 3
“In using muted tones throughout the series, I aim to encourage a peaceful response in the viewer, channeling qualities of transience, tranquility, and impermanence.”
-Luis Ignacio Figallo

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