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Catherine Lucky Chang

Catherine Lucky Chang

Paper Works

b. 1991, Atlanta, GA

Lives and works in Palo Alto, CA

Catherine Lucky Chang combines techniques of printmaking, drawing, painting, and collage to meld marks and shapes on translucent, handmade abaca paper. Her work has been exhibited at the Georgia Museum of Art, Whitespace Gallery, Rainforest Art Foundation, Madison Museum of Fine Art, and Hathaway Gallery and featured in publications such as Artforum.

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Ripples of changeRipples of change
Steadiness and easeSteadiness and ease
Found texture explorationFound texture exploration
Daily scribblesDaily scribbles
To be something and nothingTo be something and nothing
Sense to exploreSense to explore
Love at First LightLove at First Light
Grounded Flow - APGrounded Flow - AP
A bit of this and thatA bit of this and that
Supported and heldSupported and held
Here, nowHere, now
Grounded flowGrounded flow
Naturally, soNaturally, so
Unbridled explorationUnbridled exploration
A childlike presenceA childlike presence
Wu wei (effortless action)Wu wei (effortless action)
Upon WakingUpon Waking
Handmade Paper Play #4Handmade Paper Play #4
Pink Paper WeavingPink Paper Weaving
Handmade Paper Play #2Handmade Paper Play #2
Handmade Paper Play #1Handmade Paper Play #1
Join me, this springJoin me, this spring
Handmade Paper Play #7Handmade Paper Play #7
“The simplicity of making paper brings me into the present moment. I get to play with water, breathe fresh air, and tune into the elements of nature and changing seasons on a daily basis.”
-Catherine Lucky Chang


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