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Astri Styrkestad Haukaas -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Astri Styrkestad Haukaas

Astri Styrkestad Haukaas


About Astri Styrkestad Haukaas

Astri Styrkestad Haukaas is an artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark where she co-runs the non-profit workspace KVIT. She attended Strykejernet Art School in Oslo, Norway. Inspired by nature and the subjective filter of memory, her work reflects on human relationships with the natural world.


Photos by Emily Petersen


"My subject matter is nature filtered by subjective memory. I work to interpret moments I’ve had in nature, fleeting memories, whether that is witnessing an overly heavy sky or water steaming by with information. I love thinking about how humans make connections with nature. We need to connect intimately with nature, yet we also distance ourselves from it and continuously feel the need to differentiate between what is natural and not. I work to bring the physical world inside through my creative process. I go out into the wilderness to fill up my body and soul with the feeling of nature, and then I bring this back with me to the studio and integrate what I learn. I let the painting take its form without too many rules though the color palette is important. I work on a painting until I recognize it, until it is something I feel at home in. The painting process also reflects the way I move in nature and in the studio. It is about a flow, accessing places without too many plans or strict rules, and letting a meditative curiosity guide the way." - Astri Stykrestad Haukaas 



2010 - 2013, KaosPilot, Business & Design School, Aarhus, Denmark, Leadership and Entrepreneurship

2008 - 2010, Strykejernet Art School, Oslo, Norway, Fine Arts

2005 - 2006, Trøndertun Folk High School, Fine Art



2019, Kroppen Hun Bar (The Body She Wore), duo exhibition, Galleri Syningen, Ål in Hallingdal, Norway

2017, Vi tager intet ansvar (We take no responsibility), group exhibition, Wearhouse 9, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016-2017, I come back to the geography of it, duo exhibition, Barkas Engros, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016-2017, Aal Art Association 40 year anniversary Exhibitin, group exhibition, Galleri Syningen, Hallingdal in Ål, Norway

2011, Fall Exhibition, Ål Art Association, duo exhibition, Galleri Syningen

2010, Graduation Exhibition, Strykejernet Kunstskole, group exhibition, Galleri Brenneriet



2018, Smudge Cleanse, group exhibition, Co-curated with artist Pia Eikaas, Kvit Galleri

2018, Magnus Pettersen, Solo, solo exhibition, Kvit Galleri

2018, Pia Eikaas, Street Haunting, solo exhibition, Kvit Galleri

2018, Artist duo Spacegirls, Body Lotion, solo exhibition, Kvit Galleri

2017, Mail Art, group exhibition, Kvit galleri

2017, Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, So Hold Me Mother B, solo exhibition, Kvit Galleri

2016, Émotif massif, Kvit Galleri 1 år, group exhibition, Kvit Galleri

2016, Melanie Kitti / Joseph Helland, Mule Maneuvers, duo exhibition, Kvit Galleri

2016, Lotte Rose Kjær Skau, Fire Gule Digitale Pletter, solo exhibition, Felt Galleri, Norway

2016, Kvit Group Show #2, group exhibition, Kvit Galleri

2015, Kvit Opening Exhibition, group exhibition, Kvit Galleri



2012 February-May, Galeria Santa Fé, Bogotá, Colombia

2012 May, Concept developer, 100en1Día, Bogotá, Colombia

2012 May, Event and Concept developer, Kairos Housing Project, Bogotá, Colombia February

2010 January-February, Prosjekt manager and educator, Lamu Art School, Kenya

2008 & 2019, Initiator and co-founder, Galleri Silo, Norway



2018, September, Leveld Kunstnartun, Norway

2008, Can Serrat Art Residency, Spain