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Subtle Rhythms #1 (bright white paper)

Sale price$ 400

Letterpress print on gray speckled toned paper

In her new collection of letterpress prints, Subtle Rhythms, Catherine Lucky Chang draws inspiration from both the nuanced and the poetic. As she delves into the interplay of organic and geometric forms, she employs distinctive letterpress combinations to evoke a sense of harmony and depth. While each piece stands on its own, the series as a whole collectively engages in a visual dialogue, weaving together elements of line, color, shape, and texture. Chang's profound appreciation for paper's significance in her artistic journey led her to explore this series using various paper types, unveiling subtle nuances that shift between image and medium within each set of prints.

Size: 14 x 11 inches | Edition of 24
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β€œThe simplicity of making paper brings me into the present moment. I get to play with water, breathe fresh air, and tune into the elements of nature and changing seasons on a daily basis.”
-Catherine Lucky Chang
Catherine Lucky Chang

About the Artist

Catherine Lucky Chang

Catherine Lucky Chang combines techniques of printmaking, drawing, painting, and collage to meld marks and shapes on translucent, handmade abaca paper. Her work has been exhibited at the Georgia Museum of Art, Whitespace Gallery, Rainforest Art Foundation, Madison Museum of Fine Art, and Hathaway Gallery.

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Subtle Rhythms #1 (bright white paper) , Print by Subtle Rhythms #1 (bright white paper) Tappan
Subtle Rhythms #1 (bright white paper) Sale price$ 400