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Martinet & Texereau

Hall C 2 Fine Art Print

$ 160.00


* "unmounted" is not available with framing

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11.5"x15" Fine Art Print . The dimensions reflect the image size. There is an additional 2.5" border included for framing purposes. Printed on textured paper. 

This series by Pauline and Zoe shows no chance or freedom from development. The pair stands by an established set of rules, and this rigorous protocol implies research, sketching and discussion as it grants equality in the sense of authorship. Beyond the fact of sharing ideas and artistic goals, working in a pair allows Pauline and Zoe to escape the solitary imperative of drawing, disrupting the link between the drawing and its craftsman. Together, their designs create a non-exhaustive directory of objects, places and architectures that leave them with the freedom to expand as they progress. Through seriality and repetition, each drawing forces a different look to be cast on each element. The series is a backup, an attempt at distancing insignificant yet memorable objects that resonate as vivid memories.


Matted: 18.75"x22.25"x1.25"

Floated: 15.75"x19.25"x1.25"

Full Bleed: 12.75"x16.25"x1.25"

Fine Art Print on Watercolor Paper

Edition of 30

Unframed and framed works ship in 5-10 business days.

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