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Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck

Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck

Painting, Mixed Media, Prints & Photography

b. 1990 in Strasbourg, France

Lives and works in rural Oxfordshire, England

Multi-disciplinary artist Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck's practice includes painting, mixed media, photographic prints, and sculpture. Tagada Hoffbeck shows extensively in Japan and Europe. Select public and private collections include Design Museum (Gent, BE), Booklet Art Library (Tokyo, JP), and Los Angeles Contemporary Archives (Los Angeles, US).

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A New SeasonA New Season
Broad Beans IIBroad Beans II
Planning a GardenPlanning a Garden
This Spring MomentThis Spring Moment
Dreaming of SeoulDreaming of Seoul
Dreaming of SummerDreaming of Summer
Broad Beans IBroad Beans I
Green FieldsGreen Fields
Deep Ecology 02 Print, Print  by  Deep Ecology 02 Print TappanDeep Ecology 02 Print, Print  by  Deep Ecology 02 Print Tappan
Etheric Bodies, Collage  by  Etheric Bodies TappanEtheric Bodies, Collage  by  Etheric Bodies Tappan
Watering Can 5Watering Can 5
Geranium 04Geranium 04
Deep Ecology 01 Print, Print  by  Deep Ecology 01 Print TappanDeep Ecology 01 Print, Print  by  Deep Ecology 01 Print Tappan
Alana’s bowlAlana’s bowl
Juliette mon Amie, Photograph  by  Juliette mon Amie TappanJuliette mon Amie, Photograph  by  Juliette mon Amie Tappan
To End is to Start 11To End is to Start 11
Powdered TouchPowdered Touch
Inside, TogetherInside, Together
Memories of KamakuraMemories of Kamakura
“Contemporary cultures are often extremely fast and ever-changing. My practice engages with slower tasks which demand commitment and help us to focus our attention. In my paintings, I depict activities such as growing plants and preparing and sharing tea, which also are parts of my daily life.”
-Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck


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