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Paintings & Fabric Prints

b. 1994, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lives and works in Denver, CO

Recently featured in Apartment Therapy and Vogue Italia, multidisciplinary artist AOTH utilizes her background in design and architecture to create her dream-like paintings. AOTH’s practice draws on traditions of balance present in Feng Shui. Her gestural, fluid works consider their relationship with the angular, architectural space of both the canvas and the rooms which surround them.

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心 Xin No.1心 Xin No.1
心 Xin No.2心 Xin No.2
And in the Moment, I Knew YouAnd in the Moment, I Knew You
Every Few Years, WeEvery Few Years, We
Let's Laugh Until We CryLet's Laugh Until We Cry
Running Through The Past Trying To Figure It OutRunning Through The Past Trying To Figure It Out
Now Newly Born, and Now Only GrowthNow Newly Born, and Now Only Growth
Evening Dark MorningsEvening Dark Mornings
To Feel AgainTo Feel Again
You Could Make It TrueYou Could Make It True
寿shòu = longevity寿shòu = longevity
Can't Be TimedCan't Be Timed
望 wàng = hope望 wàng = hope
辛xīn = hardwork, will pay off辛xīn = hardwork, will pay off
希 xī = hope希 xī = hope
吉 jí = auspicious吉 jí = auspicious
Just One More Moment IIJust One More Moment II
Just One More Moment IJust One More Moment I
Someday, MaybeSomeday, Maybe
It's Like You're Someplace ElseIt's Like You're Someplace Else
Been Dyin to Tell YouBeen Dyin to Tell You
“There is always a piece of me living in these paintings and through my work, I hope people can experience the existence of emotions and embrace their lost time.”


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Sabina Gadecki & Tyler Rich | Collector Profile

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In the Studio | Monika Morito
In the Studio

In the Studio | Monika Morito

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Phoebe Robinson | Guest Curator

Phoebe Robinson | Guest Curator

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