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Martinet + Texereau -  Original & Limited Edition Art at Tappan

Martinet + Texereau

Martinet + Texereau


About Martinet + Texereau

Martinet & Texereau are the artistic duo of Pauline Martinet and Zoé Texereau, based in Paris, France. Meeting at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the pair immediately recognized their love of for working together. After graduating in 2010, Martinet & Texereau continued working collaboratively and began exhibiting their work throughout France. Their drawings incorporate familiar objects and settings that leave little room for spontaneity. The two do not try to confront or create a dialog between their separate styles, rather they strive to create a unique common aesthetic. Relying on a lexicon of rules, methods and lists, their work shines light on the simple beauty found in the everyday.

“We are not trying to confront nor create a dialog between our separate ways: we want to create a new common one. The discussion is not on paper but beforehand, in the research phase. The drawing is the conclusion. The drawing is no longer spontaneous. There is more chance of freedom during its development. We stand by our established set of rules and this rigorous protocol implies research, sketching and discussion, granting equality in the sense of authorship of the drawing. Beyond the fact of sharing ideas and desires, working in pair is for us a way to get the act of drawing out of its usual solitary imperative, a manner of doing that desecrates the link between the drawing and its craftsman. We like rules, methods, lists. Together our drawings create a non-exhaustive directory of objects, places and architectures that leave us, in their unfulfilled states, the freedom to expand them as we draw. Seriality and repetition are important aspects of our work.”


Pauline Martinet b.1987 in Clermont-Ferrand, FR
Zoe Texereau b. 1986 in Pau, FR
Both live and work in Paris, FR



2020, Coup de soleil, Galerie Provost-Hacker, Lille

2019, A Dess(e)in, Ècole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles

2019, Tout doit disparaître, Galerie Provost_Hacker, Lille

2018, Crac 2018, Champigny-sur-Marne

2017, Parcours d’artiste, Pontault-Combault

2017, Partie de Campagne, Galerie Maria Lund, Chassagne-Montrachet

2016, Fragments, Aldebaran, Castries

2016, Matin Midi Soir, Honoré Visconti, Paris

2016, Dressed up normal, The Tappan Collective, Los Angeles

2016, Traits d’un abri, Galerie Maria Lund, Paris

2016, La narration du quotidien, Forum d’architectures, Lausanne

2015, Disparitions, Honoré Visconti, Paris

2014, La petite collection, White Project Galerie, Paris

2014, Entrelacs, Galerie Trois Points, Montréal

2014, Minimenta, Galerie Bertrand Baraudou, Paris

2014, 10 ans, Espace à Vendre, Nice

2014, Sélection, Galerie Bertrand Baraudou, Paris

2013, Drawings by Numbers, Galerie Espace À VENDRE, Nice

2013, Eclectique, Nuit blanche : Hors parcours, Mairie du 11e, Paris

2013, Les oeuvres qui prennent toute la place, Galerie Bertrand Baraudou, Paris

2012, Sois toi même, Be yourself, Galerie Espace À VENDRE, Nice Glissement, Galerie Le Cabinet, Paris

2012, À dessein...les tendances du dessin contemporain, Espace Baudouin, Antony



2020, Fugue, La Villa Rose, Paris

2019, Le beau court la rue, Galerie M, Toulouse

2019, Urba-Graphies, Galerie Netplus, Rennes

2018, Décors, Galerie NMarino, Paris

2018, Los Angeles-Lecture Parallèle, Centre d’art de Montrelais

2017, Bonjour Paresse, Musée de Avelines, Saint-Cloud

2015, L’Éloge de l’ordinaire, Garlerie NMarino, Paris

2014, Midnattssol, BabelKunst, Trondheim, Norvège

2014, Héliotropisme, Galerie Bertrand Baraudou, Paris

2012, Tropiques, Le Garage, Paris

2011, Le fond des choses, Galerie NMarino, Paris



2019, Varda residency, Sausalito

2017, Tappan Collective, Los Angeles

2016, Centre d’Art Aldébaran, Castries

2014, Centre d’Art LKV, Trondheim, Norvège



Common Language 2020

Pli n°5, novembre 2019

A Dess(e)in, octobre 2019

Noto, N°12, novembre 2018

Minus 37, octobre 2018

WERTN, juin 2018

L’éloge de l’ordinaire, catalogue monographique, novembre 2015

Gruppen Sole medere pede ede perede melos, Février 2015

Standard Magazine N°41, Juillet 2014

Arts Hebdo Medias, Mars 2014

Étapes, n° 214, Juille/Août 2013

The Drawer, volume 4 Funny Games, Mars 2013

À Vivre, Mai/Juin 2011



2020, Prix de dessin Pierre David-Weill

2015, Prix de la Fondation Charles Oulmont



2020, Galeristes, Carreau du temple, Paris

2019, Galeristes, Carreau du temple, Paris

2015, Art Basel, W Hotel Beach, The Tappan Collective, Miami

2014, Drawing Now Salon du dessin contemporain, Paris

2013, Drawing Now Salon du dessin contemporain, Paris

2011, Drawing Room, Montpellier, Galerie Aldébaran, Castries



2014 Collection N°1, Les piscines d’hôtels

2010 Dimanches