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Martinet & Texereau

Hall A

$ 2,250.00


* "unmounted" is not available with framing

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Hall A
Graphite on paper

This drawing is from the series Common Places, in which Martinet & Texereau represent decorative elements, often related to public space.

“The scenario is limited to a silent wandering that Martinet & Texereau refine with precision in their drawings, where transits and relaxation areas become no man's lands. They raise a décor that leads us to contemplation, leads us to the observation of fabulous details unveiling a poetic of commonplaces." Martinet & Texereau drawings incorporate familiar objects and settings that leave little room for spontaneity. The two do not try to confront or create a dialog between their separate styles, rather they strive to create a unique common aesthetic. Relying on a lexicon of rules, methods and lists, Pauline and Zoé’s practice shines light on the simple things in life, enabling viewers to look past the blindfold of the usual and poorly considered. Executed in such fine detail, these drawings beautifully convey parrots, seemingly blending the natural background together with the birds themselves, existing peacefully within their natural environment.




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