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Sara Marlowe Hall

Sara Marlowe Hall

Painting & Mixed Media

b. Los Angeles, CA

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles artist Sara Marlowe Hall's complex, textured, abstract paintings use acrylic, plaster, and fabric to create their unique look. Her work has been featured in domino, Bon Weekender, LoQ, dwell, Vogue, Veranda, Imboldn, Artforum, and VoyageLA. In 2021, Marlowe Hall completed a residency in Oaxaca, Mexico and works from that residency are available on Tappan. Marlowe Hall has exhibited in London, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, Leipzig, Lisbon and Oaxaca.

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Lilac/ Yellow/ Purple/ Blue -StudyLilac/ Yellow/ Purple/ Blue -Study
Distant WalkDistant Walk
Ballad of the Spirits 4Ballad of the Spirits 4
Ballad of the Spirits 5Ballad of the Spirits 5
Albion Study 4Albion Study 4
Daylight Savings Study 6Daylight Savings Study 6
Burst of SunshineBurst of Sunshine
tides of the moon, Painting  by  tides of the moon Tappantides of the moon, Painting  by  tides of the moon Tappan
Under The Clouds, Painting  by  Under The Clouds TappanUnder The Clouds, Painting  by  Under The Clouds Tappan
Lado a Lado 009Lado a Lado 009
Lado a Lado 013Lado a Lado 013
Under the Sun 02Under the Sun 02
Under the Sun 05Under the Sun 05
Under the Sun 03Under the Sun 03
Portugal Plaster Tile 02Portugal Plaster Tile 02
Tile Study 1Tile Study 1
Praia IIPraia II
Tile Study 4Tile Study 4
Praia IIIPraia III
Tile Study 3Tile Study 3
Tile Study 2Tile Study 2
Blush/White -  StudyBlush/White -  Study
Yellow/White/Pink -  StudyYellow/White/Pink -  Study
“A material is never what it appears to be.”
-Sara Marlowe Hall


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