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Article: Harry's Good Times Co. | Art Advising

Harry's Good Times Co. | Art Advising
Art Advising

Harry's Good Times Co. | Art Advising

Harry’s Guest House is the latest venture from hospitality group Harry’s Good Times Co., headed up by husband-husband duo Chef Julian Hagood and Jake Santelli. The Guest House, situated next door to Hagood and Santelli’s neighborhood dining destination Harry’s Fine Foods in Seattle’s Capitol Hill, is an illustrious two-story dutch colonial accommodation designed to provide guests with all the comforts of home with the luxuries of a hotel.

The origin story of Harry’s Guest House begins soon after the opening of Harry’s Fine Foods in 2016, when Hagood fortuitously met his lively neighbor, Winnie, of 318 E Mercer Street. After many a day and night dining at Harry’s Fine Foods, and a number of animated exchanges, Winnie quickly became a symbol of the surrounding community and an emblem for the Harry’s brand. When Winnie moved from the house in 2022, Hagood and Santelli harnessed the opportunity to officially welcome the space into the Harry’s family while also upholding Winnie’s legacy of warmth and vitality in the neighborhood.

Hagood and Santelli married elements both rich and approachable to the home, employing ZAK+FOX fabrics for bespoke furniture pieces, partnering with the Tappan Collective for art across the space, and even incorporating some of Winnie’s own personal effects and artworks bestowed to the couple.

Artwork by Shawn Polmo
Harry's Good Times Co.
Artwork by Mike McMullen
Harry's Good Times Co.

“We think art should help tell your story. It should not only feel 'collected,' but be gathered and curated over time. We travel and run in so many different circles, constantly met with wonderful and creative people, so we want the pieces we choose to be a reflection of those relationships and also a sort of documentation of what we’ve seen and how we see the world. The Shawn Polmo piece for us spoke to Seattle directly. It has these subtle nautical ties, but without being so obvious. Seattle, for us, is all about the sound and the sea; and this magical mermaid feels akin to the spirit of the water that surrounds our beautiful city.”

Artwork by Luis Ignacio Figallo

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