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translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: Ethan Caflisch

Paintings & Textiles

b. 1993 Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Lives and works in London


Ethan Caflish large abstract

Ethan’s exhibition venues and publications include the Institute of Contemporary Art (San Jose), Cheryl Hazan Gallery (New York), A.M. Gallery (Antwerp), Art Maze Magazine, and AnOther Magazine. Explore his large, geometric and minimalist paintings, figurative paintings and hand made textile works.




“...still constantly remind myself of H.D. Thoreau’s quote “rather than love, than money, than fame; give me truth.” I think this is a crucial mentality to have as an artist, and any other profession; that success, by any definition, will be found in making honest work.”

Ethan Caflisch morse code
Caflisch's Morse Code series explores unconsciously creating a rhythmic pattern that reads like music or conversation through sequences of dots and dashes. The titles are written on the back and painted in Morse Code on the front.
Josh Zad Alfred Coffee
Caflisch's work in the home of Alfred Coffee founder Josh Zad, see Josh and Negar's collector profile here.
Ethan Caflisch Gallery
Caflisch's I Can't Wait To Be With You Forever series on exhibit.
Handmade art frames
Caflisch builds custom frames for many of his paintings and textiles

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