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Ethan Caflisch

waste management (all of my off cuts IV)

$ 1500
  • 16 x 20 inches | Original Work


Wood off cuts, glue | 2022

To create “under the rug,” Ethan Caflisch unearthed questions and materials that had lay dormant — sometimes for years — and methodically sat with them, breathing new life into each. He made the decision to take his time and increase the consideration of every decision—which led to making about half the amount of work he had done in years prior.

The thread of these works comes from taking his time, and also as a direct result of moving studios across London. These works come with great questions and struggle to complete. Some of these works had been in storage in his studio for years, gathering dust because of the dense creative wall he had hit and couldn’t break through to complete them.

Moving studios, rediscovering these in-progress pieces and methodically sitting with each—and working on one at a time—revealed completely new works. These works tick all the important boxes in Caflisch’s practice—concept, material, process, and form.

All of these works have a gratifying feeling of punctuation, moving on. That moment when home starts to feel like home, or studio feeling like studio is a direct result from making these works and handing them over to Tappan.


16 x 20 inches


The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan.

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About The Artist

Ethan Caflisch

About The Artist

Ethan Caflisch

Ethan’s exhibition venues and publications include the Institute of Contemporary Art (San Jose), Cheryl Hazan Gallery (New York), A.M. Gallery (Antwerp), Art Maze Magazine, and AnOther Magazine. Explore his large, geometric and minimalist paintings, figurative paintings and hand made textile works.