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Acrylic on Canvas

Tappan presents SHINE SUNSHINE, a window into Australian artist Luke Chiswell's exploration of the creative process. Chiswell, a multimedia visual artist, merges diverse mediums such as screen printing, painting and sculpture to celebrate the allure concealed within trial and error, asemic writing and observing ones self interacting with the creative process.

Inspired by his rural roots, his work radiates authenticity and intricacy.
In his previous works, Chiswell explored the mantras of the physical process to making. In this body of work, he delves into the feeling of creation and the associated energy. Metaphorically, he likens the act of making to basking in the sun, representing the flow state of creativity, and posits flowers as the resultant of ideas left in the sun. The metaphor becomes the thematic basis for his artistic production.

In a continuation of his Action Paintings series, Luke Chiswell excels at revealing the interplay between language, meaning, and mis-meaning, and abstracting language to its furthest point in his work. These works represent the exploration of value disruption and the rejection of the traditionally-linear art-making process. The large paintings transform text from legible to abstract, evoking an intuitive response to mark-making. The result is the creation of a new vocabulary through asemic writing, reflecting the repetitive nature of language and enhancing the possibilities of interpretation.

Size: 82 x 62.75 inches
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β€œEach work tells it's own story through unique markings and scratches, their own destruction giving rise to a moment, to a memory, to an achievement.”
-Luke Chiswell
Luke Chiswell

About the Artist

Luke Chiswell

Featured in Hypebeast and Vogue UK, painter, sculptor and printmaker Luke Chiswell explores how the continual use of everyday objects--like skateboards and hotel stationery -- can hold a record of aspiration, error and accomplishment.

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Current Exhibition

Close Crush

Cheryl Humphreys & Mike McMullen
June 7 - September 3

8200 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA

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About the Process

Chiswell's Trophies Series

To make works from his "Trophies" series, Chiswell skates on a skateboard until it breaks. During each skating session he repeats a specific word, like "try" or "best" to himself. When the board breaks, Chiswell considers it then a "Trophy" and the word he repeated is carved into it.

SO MANY WAYS , Painting by SO MANY WAYS Tappan
SO MANY WAYS Sale price$ 8,000