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Silence in a Secret Language 4

$ 1,795

Archival ink on museum-quality cotton rag paper

In his multi-panel photography series, Brian Merriam strives to do the impossible—to capture the immensity of the Himalayas on film. The resulting work is stunning and powerful, and cleverly uses multiple panels to achieve its aim. “Silence In a Secret Language” hearkens to the “secret language” Merriam discovered while on a trip to Nepal—spoken in the valleys of Nar and Phu in northern Nepal, as mountains stand silent watch over the villages below.

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"I stepped out of the present and let my mind succumb to geologic time. I found comfort in it’s endless cycles."
-Brian Merriam
Brian Merriam

About the Artist

Brian Merriam

Featured in Vogue, Dwell, Juxtapoz, Domino, Artforum, and The New Yorker, photographer Brian Merriam travels to the most remote parts of the world to capture rarely seen landscapes and celestial phenomena, including the Himalayas, the Aurora Borealis, lush Hawaiian jungles and total solar eclipses.

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Silence in a Secret Language 4
Silence in a Secret Language 4$ 1,795