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$ 1,400

Blind emboss on handmade paper

Becoming a parent, by any means, represents a complete and permanent paradigm shift in a person’s life. It can be dizzying, orienting oneself in a new reality. For Cheryl Humphreys, images of labyrinths swirled in her head when she created Recentering, the first series of works since becoming a mother. She visualized going farther away from the center of the maze, just as it seemed she was getting closer. But now, as a parent, there isn't just one center. There are two. The work and the process offered Humphreys a return to a familiar and repetitive practice, a chance to find herself again, orient, and re-center herself while integrating her new identity as a mother. The slow, steady paths, embossed on paper, change shape with the light of day, tracking and reflecting time—offering the artist and viewer alike a tool for relaxation, meditation, and self-discovery.

Size: 12 x 18 inches | Edition of 10
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“I was exploring the visual dialogue of contemporary communication... Specifically the use of symbols in place of words.”
-Cheryl Humphreys
Cheryl Humphreys

About the Artist

Cheryl Humphreys

Cheryl Humphreys' meticulously crafted, hand-pulled prints have been featured in The Long Beach Museum of Art (Long Beach, CA), Vogue, MyDomaine & Residencies include Pocoapoco Residency, Otra Vox and MacArthur Place.

In the Studio
Recentering$ 1,400