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One Becomes the Other

$ 5,100


Handwoven textile cast into concrete | 2021

In the new stunning series of handwoven works cast in concrete, Crystal Gregory continues to use cloth construction as a fundamental center, drawing a clear connection between the lines of thread laid perpendicularly through a warp and the construction of architectural spaces. In a meditation on privacy, the works use mediums that define space and create shelter—although it’s only the textile that has the advantage of flexibility, with the ability to fold, drape, move, and change to its surroundings. The resulting series sparks conversation on the parameters of weaving and architecture—their process, their utility, and their grid. They are sturdy and stable but at the same time malleable and absorbent.


24 x 37 inches


Hangs on two French cleats


Signed by artist.

The work comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the Co-Founder of Tappan.

Size: 24 x 37 inches
This work is on loan for an exhibition. Click 'contact to purchase' to inquire about purchasing.
“I am constantly responding to what was woven in the foot before, adding color and texture and pattern-finding a rhythm, losing a rhythm and responding.”
-Crystal Gregory
Crystal Gregory

About the Artist

Crystal Gregory

Crystal Gregory's sculptures combine the permanence of concrete with the fluidity of hand-woven textiles. Gregory has exhibited her work at numerous museums and galleries in the United States, including The Hunterdon Art Museum, The Rockwell Museum of Art, UK Art Museum (Kentucky). Gregory's work has been reviewed by in Hyperallergic, Surface Design Journal, Art Critical, and Peripheral Vision.

In the Studio
One Becomes the Other
One Becomes the Other$ 5,100