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Crystal Gregory

Crystal Gregory

Textiles & Sculpture

Lives and works in Lexington, KY

Crystal Gregory's sculptures combine the permanence of concrete with the fluidity of hand-woven textiles. Gregory has exhibited her work at numerous museums and galleries in the United States, including The Hunterdon Art Museum, The Rockwell Museum of Art, UK Art Museum (Kentucky). Gregory's work has been reviewed by in Hyperallergic, Surface Design Journal, Art Critical, and Peripheral Vision.

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Woven Seams 1Woven Seams 1
Woven Seams 2Woven Seams 2
Woven Seams 3Woven Seams 3
Woven Seams 4Woven Seams 4
Woven Seams 5Woven Seams 5
Woven Seams 6Woven Seams 6
Portrait Series, TogetherPortrait Series, Together
Describing ShapeDescribing Shape
Line and MovementLine and Movement
$ 4,200
One Becomes the OtherOne Becomes the Other
Before DecemberBefore December
Embrace 2Embrace 2
Hold tight swing low 1Hold tight swing low 1
Embrace 1Embrace 1
Hold tight swing low 2Hold tight swing low 2
Embrace 3Embrace 3
Embrace 4Embrace 4
Hold tight swing low 3Hold tight swing low 3
Intersections of Place, Weld, Marigold, Madder and Indigo 2Intersections of Place, Weld, Marigold, Madder and Indigo 2
Intersections of Place, Marigold and Madder 2Intersections of Place, Marigold and Madder 2
Intersections of Place, Marigold and Madder 1Intersections of Place, Marigold and Madder 1
“I am constantly responding to what was woven in the foot before, adding color and texture and pattern-finding a rhythm, losing a rhythm and responding.”
-Crystal Gregory


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