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looking through a puddle

$ 2,200

Oil and acrylic on canvas

This series of vibrant paintings is a reintroduction of color and new experimentation from artist Alyssa Krause. Krause experiments with painting flowers for the first time in this series as an introduction to a new, playful and bright method of creating art works. At times using bouquets as inspiration, Krause continues her theme of investigating the familiar in the unfamiliar while deconstructing each flower as a way to problem solve layering with each work. The resulting works are mesmerizing, calming, and indeed β€” mysteriously familiar.

Size: 40 x 30 inches

Most artwork will arrive after the New Year, please reach out to for questions.

β€œI hope to convey the same sense of questioning and wonder that I have. I think everything can be looked at a second time or in a different light”
-Alyssa Krause
Alyssa Krause

About the Artist

Alyssa Krause

One of the youngest artists in The Miller Museum’s 2021 exhibition on abstraction, Krause’s large colorful paintings focus on generating a response of familiarity in an unfamiliar form as a way to question the parameters of perception.

In the Studio
looking through a puddle
looking through a puddle$ 2,200