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Archival ink on museum-quality cotton rag paper

The Malleable Like Clay Series by Divine Southgate-Smith, is a captivating exploration of artistry that draws inspiration from the ancient yet enduring legacy of West African traditions. This collection pays homage to The Bronze Head from Ife, an archaeological treasure excavated in 1938 in Ife, Nigeria. The series ingeniously incorporates the distinctive facial scarifications used by the Ife sculptors as symbols of nobility and significance. The Malleable Like Clay Series is a testament to the enduring influence of history and the boundless potential of artistic innovation.

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“Due to the nature of the work, I am always researching and getting inspired by images, film, and books — I simply collect.”
-Divine Southgate-Smith
Divine Southgate-Smith

About the Artist

Divine Southgate-Smith

Southgate-Smith has developed a practice comprising film, text, spoken word, performance, sound, installation, and sculpture. The work often references and questions articulations of black, queer, and female experience. Southgate-Smith is the founder of the curatorial platform for expanded media and performance, The House of Contemporaries (2020), and the former Co-Founder of 14TH CINEMA (2016-2018). Her work has been featured in *Wallpaper, *AD Daily France, UMBIGO Magazine , The Other Sight & WWD.

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Cheryl Humphreys & Mike McMullen
June 7 - September 3

8200 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA

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