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For Want of a Nail

Sale price$ 9,600

Acrylic, Screen Print, Canvas, Staples

In a continuation of his “Working Titles” series, Chiswell recreates shoe box lids through screen printing and drawing, exaggerating scale while using texture to bring further attention to what could be a small overlooked moment. The works constitute an ongoing exploration of reevaluating the creative process, where the intention and act of titling future works are treated as completed works unto themselves. Drawing inspiration from everyday occurrences and making the most of available materials and moments of interest becomes a process of seizing inspiration at its inception.

Size: 78.75 x 69 inches
“Each work tells it's own story through unique markings and scratches, their own destruction giving rise to a moment, to a memory, to an achievement.”
-Luke Chiswell
Luke Chiswell

About the Artist

Luke Chiswell

Featured in Hypebeast and Vogue UK, painter, sculptor and printmaker Luke Chiswell explores how the continual use of everyday objects--like skateboards and hotel stationery -- can hold a record of aspiration, error and accomplishment.

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About the Process

Chiswell's Trophies Series

To make works from his "Trophies" series, Chiswell skates on a skateboard until it breaks. During each skating session he repeats a specific word, like "try" or "best" to himself. When the board breaks, Chiswell considers it then a "Trophy" and the word he repeated is carved into it.

For Want of a Nail
For Want of a Nail Sale price$ 9,600