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Made up of “Trophies,” Chiswell’s sculpture series translates the narrative told in its lifetime of marks. Reshaping the recognizable object's profile, the broken down and destroyed surface contains carved idioms, which translate its essence into comprehensible language. Chiswell allows the Trophy to become a genuine account-a history of aspiration-marking the delicate dance between achievement and breaking point. “When it's done, when the board is finished, when it gets to this point, it is a Trophy.”

Size: 32 x 8 inches
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“Each work tells it's own story through unique markings and scratches, their own destruction giving rise to a moment, to a memory, to an achievement.”
-Luke Chiswell
Luke Chiswell

About the Artist

Luke Chiswell

Featured in Hypebeast and Vogue UK, painter, sculptor and printmaker Luke Chiswell explores how the continual use of everyday objects--like skateboards and hotel stationery -- can hold a record of aspiration, error and accomplishment.

In the Studio

About the Series


“Adapting my mantras into French while showing these Trophies in Paris just made sense, It would've felt rude not to.”

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