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A Rocky Coast Not on the Map 9

Sale price$ 2,000

Oil, acrylic ink and acrylic on cotton canvas

The new abstract paintings from artist Astri Styrkestad Haukaas exist between stillness and movement, inspired by the calmness of water and coastlines — embodying the softness and harshness of each. In her own words:

A rocky coast not on the map
To love someone is to put yourself in their story
Respectfully traversing the geography of it
I’m mapping the newly revealed land of the retracted water
A shoreline or riverbed that shows a large amount of soft stones and forgotten bones
Tomorrow I will do the same

Size: 27.5 x 19.75 inches
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“My subject matter is nature influenced by subjective memories. I love thinking about how humans make deep, personal relations with nature - places, mountains, lakes, on earth and in space.”
-Astri Styrkestad Haukaas
Astri Styrkestad Haukaas

About the Artist

Astri Styrkestad Haukaas

Abstract painter and founder of Danish artspace KVIT, Astri Styrkestad Haukaas's expressive paintings draw their colors and tones from nature. For each series, Haukaas paints her subjective experience of the natural world -- often painting the same space multiple times as she remembers it through different, changing moments. Haukaas' work has been featured in Artforum.

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A Rocky Coast Not on the Map 9 , Painting by A Rocky Coast Not on the Map 9 Tappan
A Rocky Coast Not on the Map 9 Sale price$ 2,000