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You / Me

Sale price$ 6,200

Oil on canvas

Shawn Polmo’s expressive oil paintings aim to blur the lines between reality and imagination. The painted figures serve as vessels, embodying the profound emotions and experiences that often go unnoticed in our daily lives. Through bold features and non-realistic proportions, Polmo challenges viewers to rethink their perceptions of the world, uncovering the extraordinary in the mundane. Capturing life’s subtle moments, Polmo’s work invites introspection and celebrates the beauty of everyday existence. It’s a visual journey, a dialogue with time and space, beckoning viewers to rediscover the enchantment in the ordinary.

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“I would say most people have a character or voice in their heads. Whether you call it your conscience, your god, or guardian angel we as humans tend to feel like someone or something is experiencing or viewing our lives with us.”
-Shawn Polmo
Shawn Polmo

About the Artist

Shawn Polmo

Recently featured in Hypebeast, multidisciplinary artist Shawn Polmo primarily focuses on depicting the human figure in his pursuit of a better understanding of the world, his inner self, and the many facets and contradictions of being a human.

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