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Sale price$ 3,000

Oil on collaged canvas

These block paintings are a direct response to the land. Emphasizing painterly qualities of the brush, fields of color interact through gesture in a process-based approach. Each painting evolved with spontaneity and intuition to allow for the composition to be discovered. Layers of collaged canvas and heavy applications of oil paint facilitate dialogues in the work between figure and ground, color and texture, movement and stillness.

Like a window into a thin place, these paintings enable contemplative moments to look beyond yourself. They invite your mind to pause and wander throughout the surface of the painting, absorbing the textures, colors, and balance of form. The paintings can be read as landscapes—influenced by the open spaces, tree lined forests and rivers that flow through the prairies of the Midwest.

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“My goal is to offer an invitation into the thin place through abstraction, contemplation, exploration of form, and the rhythm of making marks—allowing one mark to carry into another—and in-so-doing, allow for a holy space where the Divine transcends closer to earth.”
-Colt Seager
Colt Seager

About the Artist

Colt Seager

Colt Seager is an American painter and sculptor located near Chicago, IL. Inspired by the inherent holiness of the natural world, his work is rooted in a process-based approach. The textures, layers and expressive mark making are a direct response to the landscape of the Midwest. He focuses on process, form and space yielding an intuitive composition through the interplay of formal and organic elements.

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Current Exhibition

Close Crush

Cheryl Humphreys & Mike McMullen
June 7 - September 3

8200 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA

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