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Lights Embrace

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Oil, oil stick, wax on 450gsm Belgium linen wrapped board. Framed in Natural Oak.

Lady Blue takes viewers on a journey inspired by the vastness of the ocean, weaving together a tapestry of folktales and symbols that resonate with humanity's timeless fascination with the unknown. Central to this exploration are mermaids, who embody themes of transformation, mystery, serenity, empowerment, and the uninhibited spirit within the female form. Their symbolic resonance transcends cultural boundaries, offering a profound reflection of our shared fascination with the ocean's depths and the secrets it holds.

Ferns' artistic process is characterized by a fusion of materials and techniques. By layering thick linens, muslins, and wax, she creates textures that invite tactile exploration and evoke a sense of antiquity. Each creation is imbued with a nostalgic ambiance, paying homage to the timeless tradition of storytelling.

The title Lady Blue is derived from the song by Australian songwriter Emily Wurramara. As she painted this collection, listened to ‘Lady Blue’ repeatedly. It was during the very final stages of gathering her thoughts and ideas behind this collection that she felt compelled to explore the meaning behind Emily's song: “Lady Blue is what my grandmother called the sea. The sea is majestic, is graceful, is mysterious and so alluring. I was thinking Ancient Mermaid kind of feel when I wrote this song.” — Emily Wurramara.

This unintentional connection between art forms allowed for a deeper exploration of shared themes and emotions in Ferns’ work.

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“I want the energy of each piece to diffuse outward and affect the viewer.”
-Brittany Ferns
Brittany Ferns

About the Artist

Brittany Ferns

Brittany Ferns is an Australia-based mixed media artist, whose work derives from an attention to nature and her immediate environment. Ferns’ work starts with creating a unique surface to work on-using thick linen, muslin and burlap on board. Next comes the layering of mediums; adding either raw pigments to plaster, Japanese rice papers, acrylics and oil paints. The process involves the physical motion of adding and taking away, revealing the history of the artwork and underlying imperfections.

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