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Acacia Sprigling

Sale price$ 1,400

Acrylic Skin on wood panel

Orrin Whalen’s Woven Sunsets series captures an essence of comfort and sensuality through the movement of material. On a technical level, there is more exploration of casting paint from silicone molds, picking up more definition of woven fabric and departing from the smooth almost “Laffy Taffy-like” pieces. Whalen uses resin casts and acrylic skins — literally the skin of dried paint — to give solid sculpture a feel of texture and fluidity as he explores new themes around woven textures. In a weave there is strength, togetherness, and community; if one strand is missing then our piece loses its strength.

Size: 12 x 12 inches
Orrin Whalen

About the Artist

Orrin Whalen

Orrin Whalen is a British-American sculptor and painter and has exhibited at various galleries and museums including: Delaware Contemporary Museum, Maestri Gallery, Smythe-Mckee and Pluto Projects. In 2021, he was featured in Architectural Digest and Vogue Living AU, included in Miley Cyrus’ collection. He received his BFA from Emerson College in 2014.

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Acacia Sprigling
Acacia Sprigling Sale price$ 1,400