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Partnership - Tappan x Sweetgreen


Tappan x Sweetgreen:


When Sweetgreen approached us about collaborating on unique art for their ever growing roster of stores, we were thrilled about the potential of teaming up. Two years on and we continue to work together to create beautiful spaces that speak to a unique mission - bringing fresh, seasonal ingredients to local communities.



For each location, this philosophy is the jumping off point. We work with emerging artists on our roster to create unique commissions for each project. This could be anything from a mural, to a series of original works, or even photography.


Tappan x Sweetgreen

We work with emerging artists on our roster to create unique commissions for each project.

At the Rossyln store, Alison Cooley brought her distinctive aesthetic to the space, creating works that reflected seasonal color palettes. 

Ali Beletic used a circle motif as her theme, with this simple geometric form connecting man with his prehistoric self and traditional storytelling in ancient cultures.



Alice Quaresma turned to the surrounds for inspiration, shooting iconic New York sites, before adding bolts of color. Luke Chiswell, who incorporates diverse mediums and techniques created murals and sculptures. Geography also acted as the muse for Brian Merriam, who photographed landscapes. 


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