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Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher

Painting & Screenprints

Lives and works in London, UK

London-based painter Daniel Fletcher's large abstract paintings and hand-pulled prints make use of contemporary color stories and authentic, expressive gestures. Fletcher's work has been recently featured in The Strategist and It's Nice That.

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Sweet SharpSweet Sharp
Post to PostPost to Post
Better to Feel Yellow than BlueBetter to Feel Yellow than Blue
Bedding InBedding In
Outside we SmileOutside we Smile
Outside the LoopOutside the Loop
Lines of ConcernLines of Concern
Autumn, Print  by  Autumn TappanAutumn, Print  by  Autumn Tappan
Shaded Eyes, Painting  by  Shaded Eyes TappanShaded Eyes, Painting  by  Shaded Eyes Tappan
Beyond the Green LineBeyond the Green Line
Scrub TangleScrub Tangle
Stems StudyStems Study
Lofty HeadsLofty Heads
Wall TrailersWall Trailers
Hedging Your BetsHedging Your Bets
Untitled I, Painting  by  Untitled I TappanUntitled I, Painting  by  Untitled I Tappan
Curls, Painting  by  Curls TappanCurls, Painting  by  Curls Tappan
“My philosophy is to just keep making work. I am not always happy with the outcomes however I think the only way to progress and move forward is through mistakes.”
-Daniel Fletcher


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