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Daniel Fletcher

About Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher is an artist currently living and working in London. He splits his time between working in his studio and running Foolscap Editions. Foolscap Editions is a self started, independent publisher that works in close collaboration with emerging artists to release books and special editions.


Daniel’s work is rooted in a desire to express emotion and feeling through the personification of marks and form, constructing animate facial expressions disguised beneath a playful language of the everyday. His work is a reflection of universal insecurities and optimisms in a world where social lives are very much on the public stage, and a new visual language of comic icons is leaned on to express our emotions. Working with the most stripped back components and features of the human face, often just ambiguous shapes to resemble the eyes and mouth, Daniel creates depictions of facial expressions that draw upon his own experiences of the excitements, exhilarations and anxieties of daily life. These animate expressions are obscured beneath a façade of soft imagery, a relatable language that draws upon the familiarity of the domestic and the everyday. The act of concealment of these emotions draws parallels to our ability to project a vision or front of happiness and satisfaction in daily life. Akin to laughing off a problem, these works playfully explore feelings, positive and negative, that we can easily brush off, enhance or suppress beneath our public profiles.


2016, Dressed Up Normal, TAPPAN, Los Angeles (group)
2016, In Progress, No Format Gallery, London (group)
2016, PMU, Somerset House, London (group)
2016, BHL 65, Bond House, London (group)
2015, Colour Movement, Tom Greyhound, Paris (group)
2015, Wos Up? Group Show, Suarts Chelsea Space, London (group)
2015, Peckham Print Studio Space, PMU, Somerset House, London (group)
2014, Capture, Store, Display, Edit, Repeat, Well Gallery, London. (group)
2013, I’m Happy Now (group), Untitled Gallery, Falmouth (group)
2013, Stupefy (group), The Apothecary, Bristol (group)
2012, Inter//upted (group), Well Gallery, London (group)
2012, WIP (group), The Royal Polytechnic Society, Falmouth (group)



2014, Print Futures Award

2014, People of Print Graduate of the Year


2016, Artist in Residence, University of the Arts London LCC (6 months)



Its Nice That
So Young Magazine, Issue 8
Define Magazine Issue 001

Are You Flirting With Me? Are You Flirting With Me?
Are You Flirting With Me?
from $ 475.00 Sold
Dropped Like That Dropped Like That
Dropped Like That
from $ 420.00 Sold
Hard to Explain Hard to Explain
Hard to Explain
Regular price $ 2,950.00 Sold
I Need a Crowd of People I Need a Crowd of People
I Need a Crowd of People
Regular price $ 3,770.00 Sold
The Time is Good The Time is Good
The Time is Good
Regular price $ 3,770.00 Sold