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Article: Amanda Gunawan | Guest Curator

Amanda Gunawan | Guest Curator - Tappan

Amanda Gunawan | Guest Curator

Gunawan is the Founding Principal of Los Angeles-based Architectural studio, OWIU (Only Way Is Up) Design. Born in Indonesia, raised in Singapore and now having settled a life in Los Angeles, Amanda's diverse international background is very apparent in her design work, which focuses on thoughtful design. She approaches each project with careful craftsmanship, qualities that were honed as a result of her Asian upbringing. More recently, the firm launched a homeware and ceramics company, OWIU (Only Way Is Up) Goods. Their "matter" line is created from an exploration into space and memory that is inspired by the nuanced language of nature. Her house in Silver Lake reflects the way that she wants to live. Taking inspiration from a Japanese ryokan, it is a sanctuary that promotes centeredness and calm in the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Amanda Gunawan
Amanda Gunawan
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“I like how this painting immediately feels feminine to me. The abstract forms feel sensual and the color choice adds a feeling of intimacy to the painting.”
On Marleigh Culver's COUCOU I
“I love the color usage in this painting. It's very romantic and evokes a feeling of wistfulness in me. It makes me stop in my tracks to take a second to pause and just feel.”
“I like the use of organic materials in this piece. The stone feels very calming to look at. I like the ode to kintsugi with the gold strokes on what looks like a perfect piece of stone, showcasing the idea of imperfection being beautiful in its own way.”
On Carla Cascales Alimbau’s Horizonte
“I like the straightforwardness in this piece. The use of geometric shapes and solid colors reflect a level of confidence and honesty. The piece feels like it's not trying to be anything that it's not and there's a comfort in being in the presence of that.”
On Ethan Caflisch’s spending the night in a different bed IV
“I can really see these Tadahiro Gunji works going in a lot of the spaces that we design at OWIU. I love how it's contemporary yet has an aged look to it because of the medley of materials that he is using through his collaging technique. Something about Gunji's work reminds me of biological drawings. I love the resemblance they have to the human anatomy with parts connected as a whole...similar to the heart, its chambers and the blood vessels.”
On Tadahiro Gunji’s Collage4c_025 & Collage4C_61

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