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Alice Lancaster | sweetgreen


JULY 2016

Alice Lancaster, Stretching through Time, 2016


We are excited to share a new mural project that we have been conceptualizing with NY-based Tappan artist Alice Lancaster for Sweetgreen, located at 85th & 3rd Avenue in NYC. 

Alice Lancaster is known for her colorful and humorous explorations of female sexuality, body and mind. With pop-culture being a major influence for her work, Lancaster’s subjects range from close friends to strangers with imagined stories. Always experimenting with shape and color, Lancaster often pushes her figures into complete abstraction, forcing the viewer to search for the figure in a sea of lines.

With the female body at the heart of her work, Lancaster produced Stretching Through Time for Sweetgreen in collaboration with Tappan, imbuing the elongated, abstracted body with a color palette suggestive of the seasons. This is Alice's first mural production of her work, and she has beautifully translated her aesthetic into the large-scale adaptation. Keeping the health-conscious mission of Sweetgreen in mind, the mural represents the body’s relationship to the seasonal food we eat, and how crucial this element of our lifestyle is, which is a theme that permeates her bodies of work. Represented by the scale and magnitude of the piece, Lancaster’s mural reaches not only the exterior of the building, but its interior as well, serving as further symbolism of our body’s relationship to the food we eat.

Lancaster lives and works in New York. 


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