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Wild Flowers

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Mix media on unprimed fabric

“Civilization is a function of boundaries.” Skowronska sees the human experience as regulated by the cyclical pattern of nature, defined by the movements of the planets and the sun, highlighting the transition between day and night. During the day, she views us as striving to keep our boundaries intact. However, when night falls everything changes. The dark allows wander; bodies to speak, to transgress, to dream and to let the unconscious open the doors to the reality hidden deep. Under the veil of night, bodies come closer to nature.
The new series “Loud Moon” explores the physical and spiritual connections between the body, the self and nature. Skowronska investigates ideas of transformation, rejecting binary divisions. The spheres in the work, both seductive and reflective, contemplate the prospect of existence through figuration and abstraction, with continuous metamorphosis and fluidity. Organic shapes and forms used by Skowronska create a sense of rhythm and harmony that moves freely in her fictional and psychological landscapes. The shapes resemble flowers and natural patterns, but they are distorted, unreal yet familiar. Black is never just black; it is fractured, ranging from deep blues to greens, reminding us that nothing is one or the other. The collection invites viewers to contemplate the spiritual and physical connection between humans and ecosystems, which are not two distinct entities, but rather an integral part of a unified whole.

Size: 39.5 x 51.25 inches
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“Everything around me inspires me and I am motivated by a need to create, make, and constantly improve. My work is created by looking inward and seeing how those experiences can become shared or universal.”
-Ewelina Skowronska
Ewelina Skowronska

About the Artist

Ewelina Skowronska

Drawing from history, mythology, and culture to explore concepts of body, gender, and identities across a variety of mediums, Ewelina Skowronska's works have been exhibited globally in London, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Poland, and Japan.

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Cheryl Humphreys & Mike McMullen
June 7 - September 3

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Wild Flowers , Painting by Wild Flowers Tappan
Wild Flowers Sale price$ 3,950