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There is Light Somewhere

Sale price$ 3,040

Pigment on 100% Silk

In her new series of paintings, Loralee Jade continues her practice of responding visually to images or memories she carries with her, or even colors used in a previous collection or dream. For Jade, painting is a wordless conversation with herself that holds all the wisdom, clarity, and endless questions she can imagine — a conversation that makes the creation journey worthy of a viewer’s time and attention. Whether it be about generational trauma, becoming a mother for the first time, or simply her fascination with the color blue, Jade’s work manages to capture so much more than one could ever express with words.

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Loralee Jade

About the Artist

Loralee Jade

Loralee Jade draws upon memory and personal experience to explore how painting can be utilized to consider what can be represented beyond language. Through her work, she offers an evocative visual space that is suggestive of figuration while simultaneously dissolving into abstraction. She inspires to create works that are sensuous, luscious, bodily, and emotional to experience.

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