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Sit By My Side

$ 7,200

Oil on Canvas

Sit By My Side extends a warm invitation to another soul to join in the serene ambiance depicted within its vast canvas. The viewer is gracefully ushered into a breathtaking natural setting, where lush green hues stretch infinitely, seamlessly merging with a tranquil green-blue sky. Hints of red suggest the presence of flowers, while delicate shades of light rose and grey evoke the essence of stones and human forms. Within this immersive portrayal, two individuals find themselves completely enveloped and merged with nature, their identities blurred as they seamlessly become one with the organic surroundings. Executed with the dynamic strokes of oil colors, the painting introduces an element of softness and depth, enriching the overall sensory experience. Each brushstroke contributes to the tapestry, allowing the observer to delve into the harmonious union of humanity and nature, beautifully encapsulated in Sit By My Side.

Size: 70.5 x 70.5 inches
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“As an abstract painter, I am not so much interested in a real-world image as I want to bring reflections and feelings into my work.”
-Petra Schott
Petra Schott

About the Artist

Petra Schott

Petra Schott is an abstract painter whose art revolves around states of mind, longings, and memories. The artist—who had a long career as a lawyer and judge before dedicating herself to art—delicately creates colorful representations of nostalgia, freedom, and human relationships. Schott has exhibited extensively in solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, and the Czech Republic.

Current Exhibition

Echoes of Being

Group Show
April 12 - May 28

8200 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA

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