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Acrylic on Linen

In her new series, Irinka Talakhadze ventures into the territory of phenomenology and revisits matters related to perception that have fascinated philosophers and art historians — and have equally captured the attention of artists.The characters in Collision of Reality come from her Cold Tears series, where the faces were not highlighted and maintained complete transparency. In the new series, the artist works to bring them closer to reality with expressive faces, many of them striking a balance between two realities. For Talakhadze, this precarious equilibrium reveals just how dystopian an image can be, even if, at first glance, the representation might be veiled with a utopian varnish. It draws on an ongoing theme across Talakhadze’s work, and reveals how utopia and dystopia can coexist within the same image.

Size: 39 x 31.25 inches
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Irinka Talakhadze

About the Artist

Irinka Talakhadze

Raised by an artist father, Irinka Talakhadze has been in contact with art for as long as she can remember. With her father's passing, making art makes her feel close to him again—bringing extra special meaning to her works. Talakhadze strives to convincingly convey the energy she feels to her work so viewers can experience and share these same feelings. In that sense, everything can be, and is, a source of inspiration to her—from the spontaneity she gleans from Francis Bacon’s work, to a small and quotidian occurrence. Talakhadze's colorful work is also partly inscribed in the Soviet aesthetic and explores the relationship between something and its essence—what we see and what an image makes us believe. Associating transparency with a kind of honesty, Talakhadze strives to express her inner world through her emotionally charged works of art.

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