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Figure 4

Sale price$ 590

Ink on cold-pressed paper, framed in walnut

The beauty and essence of the female figure take center stage across Lauren Skunta’s new series of ink drawings on cold-pressed paper. The drawings prioritize simplicity, utilizing fine ink lines to capture the grace and subtlety of each pose. The cold-pressed paper provides texture and depth to the artwork, creating a tactile background that balances the subject. Across the series, Skunta invites viewers to appreciate the timeless allure of the female form through what is revealed and what is not, evoking a sense of understated beauty.

Size: 9 x 6 inches
Custom Framing Included

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“I want the energy of each piece to diffuse outward and affect the viewer.”
-Lauren Skunta
Lauren Skunta

About the Artist

Lauren Skunta

Skunta is inspired by the negative space human bodies form in different positions, aiming to capture the tension and the gesture in each pose. Though the brushwork across her work is impressionistic, the anatomy of each figure is grounded in reality. Through her work, she aims to bridge the gap between figurative and abstract.

Artwork By Lauren Skunta + Follow Lauren Skunta

Current Exhibition

Close Crush

Cheryl Humphreys & Mike McMullen
June 7 - September 3

8200 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles CA

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Figure 4 , Drawing by Figure 4 Tappan
Figure 4 Sale price$ 590
Lauren Skunta


“This piece has such a soft and seductive quality to it. I love that it is both abstract and figurative. I am so drawn to the human form in art. Lauren Skunta is masterful in creating works that evoke energy and emotion and the use of graphite sketching paired with paint colors in the pieces create a work that I find incredibly soothing.”

Artwork: Grouse