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Cement dust, pigments, cotton

The new series from artist Viktor Kobylianski, ‘BLUR, SLUR’, brings together a collection of slightly textured works made of cement dust and pigments on raw canvas. In each painting, its own moment of ephemerality is reflected—depicting seen objects and exploring themes of inaccuracy and incompleteness with sometimes saturated but mostly burnt and faded colors.

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“Through my intuitive approach and by combining materials with pigments on fabric, each potential artwork is in search of freedom during the process of curing before its true form is revealed.”
-Viktor Kobylianski
Viktor Kobylianski

About the Artist

Viktor Kobylianski

Viktor Kobylianski is a visual artist living and working in Portland, Oregon. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Kobylianski immigrated to the US in 2014 and, until recently, lived in Los Angeles. He has been exhibited in public and private exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, the UK, and Germany.

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