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Ilka Kramer

Ilka Kramer

About Ilka Kramer

Ilka Kramer is a photographer whose work challenges the perception of space and reality, through her figurative and architecturally inspired images. Continually investigating the flattening of three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional surface, the artist’s MalaNazar series engages this exploration while drawing on our dissolution with nature through staged, perceived images. Ilka is originally from Berlin and currently lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Ilka currently lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland.


“Normally we don't pay much attention to the zone around us, we react to objects or persons, but we are not aware about the open space in between them and ourselves. And yet, without this sort of 'emptiness' there wouldn't be any movement, or transformation, no distance, no view, no possibility of connection. Space is a condition of live.

In my work I'm interested in this space as a possibility to relay to something we are all part of. The consciousness of our body as a space by itself in connection with the space around it, and therefore in communication with everything else, can create a strong spiritual experience.”- Ilka Kramer



'Family Business', 'Les Quinzaine Israélienne', La Maison Blanche, Marseille
'Family Business', 'Exchange Rates', Brooklyn, NYC
Sélectionnée pour le prix 'voies off 2016' à Arles
'MalaNazar', International Photographic Art Festival, Zhengzhou, China
'FDLB' à l'espace d'art contemporain Christine Rieffel, Avignon
'Poutres Apparentes', the Carrosserie, Marseille
'Métamorphoses', le grand garage, Paris
'MalaNazar', boutique Robert Clergerie, Marseille

'MalaNazar02', Le magasin de jouets, Arles
'Family Business', Look&Listen, Marseille
'MalaNazar01', 'le parcours de l'Art', Avignon
'le boudoir2.0', Arles
'FDLB' à l'espace d'art contemporain Christine Rieffel, Avignon
'family/family', à la galerie du chateau d'eau, Toulouse

Nature(s), La(b) galerie Artyfact, Paris
'FDLB' à l'espace d'art contemporain Christine Rieffel, Avignon

- Enfance(s), La(b) galerie Artyfact, Paris
'LaFabricA', Festival d'Avignon/maison Jean Vilar, Avignon
'FDLB' à l'espace d'art contemporain Christine Rieffel, Avignon
'ready-made images', galerie ready-made, Paris
'Ich geh jetzt in...' Napa Gallery, Prague, République Tchèque
'made in Arles' à la galerie 'le magasin de jouets', Arles
'ISSP Final Exhibition' Kuldiga, Lettonie

Sélectionnée pour le prix 'voies off 2012' à Arles
'FDLB' à l'espace d'art contemporain Christine Rieffel, Avignon

MalaNazar 23 MalaNazar 23
MalaNazar 23
from $ 670.00
MalaNazar 21 MalaNazar 21
MalaNazar 21
from $ 670.00
MalaNazar 20 MalaNazar 20
MalaNazar 20
from $ 670.00
MalaNazar 19 MalaNazar 19
MalaNazar 19
from $ 670.00
MalaNazar 18 MalaNazar 18
MalaNazar 18
from $ 670.00
Malanazar 17 Malanazar 17
Malanazar 17
from $ 360.00
Malanazar 14 Malanazar 14
Malanazar 14
from $ 360.00
Malanazar 12 Malanazar 12
Malanazar 12
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 11 MalaNazar 11
MalaNazar 11
from $ 360.00
Malanazar 9 Malanazar 9
Malanazar 9
from $ 360.00
Malanazar 4 Malanazar 4
Malanazar 4
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 7 MalaNazar 7
MalaNazar 7
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 2 MalaNazar 2
MalaNazar 2
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 1 MalaNazar 1
MalaNazar 1
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 3 MalaNazar 3
MalaNazar 3
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 16 MalaNazar 16
MalaNazar 16
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 13 MalaNazar 13
MalaNazar 13
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 10 MalaNazar 10
MalaNazar 10
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 8 MalaNazar 8
MalaNazar 8
from $ 360.00 Sold
MalaNazar 6 MalaNazar 6
MalaNazar 6
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 5 MalaNazar 5
MalaNazar 5
from $ 360.00
MalaNazar 15 MalaNazar 15
MalaNazar 15
from $ 180.00 Sold