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Danny Lane

Danny Lane

Danny Lane


About Danny Lane

Danny Scott Lane is a photographer from New York, currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Working within themes of intimacy and juxtaposition, we’re moved by the cinematic beauty within his composition and color schemes. Shooting mostly on 35mm film, Lane focuses on portraits, lifestyle, fashion and nudes. He draws inspiration from classic cinema and the mundane aspects of everyday life.


"With my photos, I like to explore people, places and objects in an often-relaxed but sometimes-twisted manner. I strive to hold a mirror up to my viewer whenever possible, and show life as I see it. I love a laugh as much as I love a frown. I see boredom as an opportunity. I want to capture the mundane, while never missing a moment of chaos or bliss. My photos donʼt have a particular place in time; each represents feelings of the past, present and future." - Danny Lane 



2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rider University



2019 Tank, Studio by Adam Lee Kenney, Los Angeles

2017 Nothing Huge, XY Gallery, New York



Vogue Italia, Playboy, I-D, Hunger, Schon, Brooklyn, Purple, Office, Numero, Teen Vogue, Ladygunn, and more



2019 Negatif, Catalogue UK

2019 Miranda, Nhudes Publishing

2016 Afternoons, Anteism Books

2014 Casual Nudity, Self-published