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Georgia Elrod

Georgia Elrod

About Georgia Elrod

Georgia Elrod is a Brooklyn based painter and mixed media artist. Using the physical form in identifiable and abstract ways, Elrod looks inward at the body as a temporary architecture composed of ideas. Her animated use of color and fluidity contemplates individual physicality in relation to the world around us - where they mesh, and how they interact. Elrod received her MFA in painting from Hunter College and is a member of the artist-run gallery, Underdonk, in Brooklyn. She is co-creator of the art podcast AroundAbout and has exhibited work throughout the US and in Istanbul, Turkey.


Stemming from observation and memory, the imagery in my work is initially cultivated through many gouache and mixed media works on paper. The forms are often unpredictable, and their meanings open-ended. I make many works on paper, and some of these become paintings. In that process I am translating subconscious imagery into paintings that becomes most potent when they are unexplainable. I usually start with some kind of image in my mind and the work unfolds as I go. When I surprise myself I feel I may have created a successful piece.

My recent work began with a desire to interpret bodily function and experience, to question and understand our ungraspable insides. Positing physical identity as a kind of living abstraction, the imagery can be both known and unidentifiable.

By letting go of anatomical rules, the works are more like poetic spaces. I’m interested in suggestive imagery and the simultaneity of forms. Through painting, expectations of functionality and fragility literally become marks, colors, drawings. Internal and external landscapes become abstracted through the process of thought and visualization.



2010 Hunter College, M.F.A

2001 The Colorado College, B.A. with honors in Fine Art



2014 Around the Corner, Novella Gallery, NYC

2012 Here and Here, John Davis Gallery, Hudson, NY

2010 Open System, Hunter College Times Square Gallery, NYC 2006

2006 Georgia Elrod: Recent Paintings and Drawings, JGallery, Maplewood, NJ

2006 Viewfinder, Roger Smith Lab Gallery, NYC

2005 Brief Histories, Jay Etkin Gallery, Memphis, TN



2019 The Oblique, curated by David Gibson, NYC

2019 Making (It) Work, California College of the Arts

2019 The Unusuals, The Painting Center, NYC

2018 Graces, Curated by Nicholas Cueva, 5-50 Gallery, NYC Private Practice, Underdonk, NYC

2017 Show Me Yours, Underdonk, NYC Truth, BRIC, NYC

2016 Soft & Hard, Trestle Projects, NYC Beauty, Openings Collective, NYC

2015 Borderlands, COOP Gallery, Nashville TN

2015 Family Ties, curated by Julie Torres and Bonny Leibowitz, 500X, Dallas, TX

2015 New Work City, curated by Julie Torres

2015 Momenta Art, NYC

2014 Second Family, 2 Rivington, NYC

2014 Family Style, Formerly Pocket Utopia, NYC Rum Punch!, 204 Parkside, NYC

Lung Hang Lung Hang
Lung Hang
from $ 600.00
Untitled Study Untitled Study
Untitled Study
from $ 600.00
Untitled Untitled
from $ 600.00
Kudu Kudu
from $ 300.00
Make Finger Go Make Finger Go
Make Finger Go
from $ 400.00
Mix 1 & 2 Mix 1 & 2
Mix 1 & 2
from $ 800.00
No Bow No Bow
No Bow
Regular price $ 2,400.00
Guiltless II Guiltless II
Guiltless II
Regular price $ 6,200.00